Before car wash !

Can I request the same washer that serviced my vehicle previously?

Every professional is thoroughly trained hence, process of every service will be the same. Washers are assigned through an automated system. Please be assured that we will never compromise with our quality of service.

Can I book more than one wash at a time?

We are more than happy to serve you with all your car washing needs. Customer can book for more than one car at a time or can even opt for a package. Please contact us for more details.

How does packages work?

Buy buying a package for a car, Customer does not need to book every single time, instead we will schedule your car wash well in advance according to your availability that too at a discounted price.

Why Has My Service Provider Not Yet Arrived?

We strive to ensure that service providers perform services in a timely manner. While we value your time and want to ensure we accommodate your busy schedule, service providers may occasionally encounter certain roadblocks, including running late due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. Please give your service provider a 20-minute window to arrive at your location. Occasionally, additional time may be needed to provide services, especially if exigent circumstances arise.


Can I track the assigned washer?

Yes, Customer can track the washer and can also check the estimated time of arrival. 

What Happens If Something Was Damaged Or Missing?

If there is damage done to a vehicle while cleaning process, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify the service provider immediately of the damage following the service. Once the service provider leaves the premises and you opt not to inspect the vehicle, all rights to file a liability claim are waived. Should you follow these guidelines, you are responsible for negotiating and exchanging insurance information. Washkr IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LIABILITY, LOST PROPERTY, PERSONAL INJURY, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE arising from the usage of our platform.

Washkr is not responsible for any belongings that may be lost or otherwise disposed of while performing services on your vehicle. We strongly recommend that each customer remove any belongings they consider to be of value prior to service.

What Is Your Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy?

Please review the reminder within our application for any specific information regarding policies.


Can I make the payment through online wallet?

Washkr application & Website has been designed in such a way that customer can pay using any UPIs.

Why Was I Charged For A Service That Did Not Occur?

Please contact us immediately should you have any questions regarding a transaction. Remember that a pre-authorization charge is immediately voided following the ordering of the service and will be released back to you according to the guidelines of your individual financial institution. Only the actual total will be charged at the end of the service.

How Can I Update My Payment Information?

You can view and update your payment information on the order confirmation page within the application.

When to Apply A Promotional Code?

Please make sure to enter in your promo code before scheduling your wash on the order confirmation page within the application.